Introduce myself to the DS016 community, you say?

Perhaps all you need to know about me can be summed up in the following vignette:

I wrote a resolution in response to #TDC1454 a couple weeks ago.  The resolution:

Stop over-thinking it and just post the damn thing.

I never posted it.

I say, with complete sincerity, three cheers for the over-sharers!  Though you are often lectured about how what you post online can follow you throughout your life, you persist.  I say good for you!  Allow me to assert that the opposite phenomenon, that of over-reticence, might actually be worse.  I want to participate in social media, but am stymied every time by fear of how my words will be (mis?)interpreted by someone I haven’t even met yet at some nebulous date in the distant future.

I welcome your treatment suggestions and advice.  My own treatment plan involves ds106.  (Off to a bit of a bumpy start though.  After my first daily create, it took me nearly three weeks to get up the gumption to do actually post another one.)

Okay, maybe that’s not all you need to know.  I live in New England and have for nearly all of my life.  The exceptions being a year in California (meh, not so much), a year in Montana (would definitely go back), and 4 months in a van for an around-the-country road trip (best thing I’ve ever done.)

I’m checking out ds106 not only to overcome my fear of public sharing, but to learn to make things.  I’m from the generation that straddles the time before and after the internet took over the world.  I was probably 10 or so when we got a computer in the house that I used to access AOL and to play Oregon Trail and Commander Keen.  I’m sort of a digital native, but still grew up before cell phones.  I’m comfortable with technology, but it doesn’t feel automatic.  I feel like I get to make a choice, to jump in or not.  And I’m choosing to jump.

I’d like to get better at editing images; I have some rudimentary experience with Photoshop.  I adore listening to podcasts, but I have no previous experience with audio creation or editing.  I enjoy a good GIF but have never made one myself.

Oh yes, and the story telling thing.  I should learn about that too.  Having studiously avoided subjects involving narrative and subjectivity, like English and history, in favor of the objectivity of math and physics, my sense of how to tell a story is woefully underdeveloped.

I have some doubts about my ability to complete this course, mostly related to my level of discomfort putting things out there.  I’d love to hear from others who feel the same way.  Maybe we could keep each other on the path.

Home on the Range Remix

Home on the Range, Grumpy Cat Remix (#tdc1471)

Oh give me a site, to hide from the spotlight
Of my internet fame night and day.
Where old Grumpy Cat
Can sport my best cowboy hat,
And the paparazzi will all stay away

Home, home on the range,
Hiding out in this western themed course,
Where some anonymity
Will restore my sanity,
And I can subvert your expectations by ignoring this stupid rhyming scheme.

My First Daily Create

Let me start with my first daily create (#tdc1451):


I may be pretty into the whole ds106 thing, we’ll see. I am not into the western theme. Cowboys? Nope. Deserts? Nope. Tumbleweed? Well, okay tumbleweed is pretty cool. That is a kick-ass seed dispersal method if I ever saw one.

But back to being grumpy. I felt it necessary to revive the stale grumpy cat meme of 2012 as it was the most accurate reflection of my feelings about the western theme of the current incarnation of this course. The only western cultural references that I had any positive feelings about were from Kill Bill. So I gave my grumpy selfie Budd’s hat and put her in front of his trailer. But she is/I am still grumpy about the theme.

My grumpy cat selfie took a damn sight longer than 15 to 20 minutes as it involved installing GIMP, reading a few GIMP tutorials, and generally winging it inside of GIMP.